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Last Updated : Feb 2021

Research Interests

Deep Learning, Generative Models, Human-Computer Interaction, Motion, Sound Synthesis, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality



Efficient Adversarial Audio Synthesis via Progressive Upsampling [demo]

Youngwoo Cho*, Minwook Chang*, Sanghyeon Lee, Hyoungwoo Lee, Gerard Jounghyun Kim, and Jaegul Choo (*: equal contributions)

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2021 (48.0% acceptance rate).

Applying touchscreen based navigation techniques to mobile virtual reality with open clip-on lenses 

Youngwon Ryan Kim, Hyeonah Choi, Minwook Chang, Gerard J. Kim.

Electronics, 2020

A Perceptual Evaluation of Generative Adversarial Network Real-time Synthesize Drum Sounds in a Virtual Environment [link] [video]

Minwook Chang, Youngwon Ryan Kim and Gerard J. Kim. 

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Realty (AIVR), 2018

Effect of accompanying onomatopoeia to interaction sound for altering user perception in virtual reality [link] [video] 

Hyeonah Choi, Jiwon Oh, Minwook Chang and Gerard J. Kim. 

Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST), 2018 

Work Experience

AI Researcher at NCSOFT Game AI Lab Motion AI Team, Jan. 2020-Present

Team blog: [link]

Research Intern at Empathic Computing Lab of University of South Australia, Jul. 2019-Aug. 2019
Adsivor : Prof. Mark Billinghurst, Dr. Gun Lee

Research Intern at Digital Experience Lab Korea University, Jan. 2017-Feb. 2018
Adsivor : Prof. Gerard Jounghyun Kim


M.S. at Korea University, Mar. 2018 - Feb. 2020

Digital Experience Laboratory, College of Informatics
Adsivor : Prof. Gerard Jounghyun Kim
Cumulative GPA: 4.38/4.50

Coursework : Introduction to Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Computer Music, Deep Learning, Graduate Seminar 1,2, Departmental Seminar 1,2

B.S. at Korea University, Mar. 2014 - Feb. 2018
Cumulative GPA: 3.77/4.50 (Major: 4.00/4.50)

Coursework : Human-Computer Interaction, Deep Learning, Game Programming, Data Science, Design For IoT, Natural Language Process, Compiler, Project for Graduation-1, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Information Security, Probability and Random Processes, Databases, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Data Communications, Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Programming Language, Theory of Computation, Digital Logic Design, Discrete Mathematics Data Structure


SeongDal - Measuring Synchro rate of voice imitation with GigaGenie (Language : Python, C#) 2018 [article] [site]


President Sings - Voice Conversion Using Generative Adversarial Network (Language : Python) 2017

This project aims to synthesize someone’s voice singing a song, using Generative Adversarial Network in short, GAN.

Deliver VR : Delivery Driver with A.I. Vehicles in Virtual Environment (Language : C#) 2017 [youtube] [slide]

Workout Application with AI Voice Assistant in HCI (Language : Swift) 2017 [slide]

Interactive Personalized Advertising Using HoloLens (Language : C# Unity) 2017 [youtube]

Video Highligt Creating Tool (Language : C#) 2017 [slide]

Emotion Box (Language : C, Arduino) 2017

Emotion Box is special box made by arduino. It looks like piggy bank with bad emotion memo. Ultrasonic wave sensor, servo motor, buzzer, wifi shield are used.

Dynamic Word Cloud Refelcting Flow of Time Using Word2Vec (Language : C++) 2017

My team reproduce Word2Vec including hierarchical softmax, negative sampling, subsampling. We made dynamic word cloud as application of word2vec. It changes it's shape and color refelcting flow of time.

Dialog System (Language  : Python) 2017

Made dialog system using Client is made by python. This system is applied to shopping mall situation. It asked user the size, color, category of cloth like clerk.

AI GOMOKU (Language : Java) 2016

Made AI gomoku according to fever of “alphago vs Sedol Lee”. It includes alpha-beta pruning, minimax algorithm, modified Threat Space Search. Threat Space Search is known as best tactic in gomoku. It predicts possible all-threats(not other cases) and decide to attack or defense.

Search Engine (Language : C++) 2016

Made Search engine that processes for 1998~2000 NYT, APW articles. Indexing process consists of text acquisition, text transformation using porter2 stemmer and index creation. I made inverse index file to performance. Query process consists of user interaction, ranking and evaluation. I used ‘vecter space model’ and ‘language model’ that be smoothened by ‘Jelinek-Mercer Smoothing’ for ranking model.

Ball Travel using optical illusion (Language : OpenGL) 2016

There is “penrose triangle” that cause optical illusion. In real this is not a triangle but at some angle it seems like triangle. Inspired by “Monument Valley” game, I made ball traveling game. By rotating the blocks user makes blocks connected and moves the ball. There are some graphics skills like shell shading and mathematical skills like collision.

Real-time Music Streamer Attached To Guitar (Language : Arduino) 2016 [youtube]

It parses guitar code music on website and shows on LCD Arduino board. Because it is attached to the back on the guitar, stand cannot recognize the existence of this music streamer.

Page Rank Implementation (Language : C) 2015

Page rank is a ranking algorithm that weighted more value for linked page used by google. For calculating the rank value, it needs adjacency matrix(graph) and inverse adjacency lists. It processes some given data and print high valued pages.

Interpreter (Language : Ocaml) 2015

There is an imperative language, called B. The language is a small subset of C. I made the interpreter for B language. Because a program is an expression, it handles expressions like unit, assignments, sequences, let expressions for procedure binding, procedure record lookup, record assignment, identifier, etc.

Single Cycle MIPS CPU & Pipeline (Language : verilog) 2015

Designed MIPS CPU Pipeline using Verilog from the beginning. This pipeline can detect data and control hazard and handle. 

PPP protocol in user level (Language : C) 2015

Made a PPP protocol included LCP, IPCP and connect to the ppd program.

CPU scheduler considering the property of the process (Language : C) 2015

Linux scheduler is CFS(Completely Fairness Scheduler) over linux version 2.6. But It cannot allocate resource considering the property of processes. It can cause efficiency problem. I fixed scheduler by making functions that take process property. 


l  Programming languages : Python, C, C++, C#, Java, Arduino

l  Machine Learning Libraries : PyTorch, Tensorflow

l  Internet technology experience : HTML, PHP

l  Database : MySQL, postgreSQL

l  Graphics : OpenGL, OpenGL ES

l  Collaboration Tool : Github, Trello, Slack, Jandi


l  Take a course "Introduction to Generative Model using PyTorch" at FastCampus

l  Member of Band Club Liberty at Korea University

l  Member of Volunteer club JDM at Korea University

l  2016 Gokathon(Korea University Hackerthon) Popularity Award

l  Samsung SST education(2015.7)

l  Attend 2015 Seoul Digital Forum

l  Attend 2016 MS 21c Conference

l  Attend Robot Essay at MMCA

l  Speech of 2016 Career Conference at Gyeseoung High School


| Participation Prize (4th place) in GigaGenie Dev Challenge (2018) [article] [site]

| Top Prize in Capstone Design Best practices Contest(2017-2)
    - Hosted by LINC+ Business Team, Korea University

| Gold Prize in Graduation Project Competition, Korea University (2017-2)
    - Hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and sponsored by Naver

| Silver Prize in Graduation Project Competition, Korea University (2017-1)
    - Presented a poster based on the paper ‘Interactive Personalized Advertisement Using HoloLens’
    - Hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and sponsored by Naver

l Excellence Award in Gokathon(Korea University Hackerthon), 2017

l Popularity Award in Gokathon(Korea University Hackerthon), 2016


| Korean : Native

l English : Fluent / TOEIC : 855 (LISTENING : 445,READING : 410) 


l  ChiHwang Ahn, Minwook Chang and 10 more, “How Can I Get 1st Grade At KSAT(Korea Scholastic Aptitude Test)", 2014.  Related Article.  

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